AnKing Overhaul Updates Log
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Initial Release

  • This deck used the BG Zanki and lolnotacop-tag overhaul decks as a base

  • AnKingMed/AnKingSketchy card types

  • Retagged lolnotacop so every video is tagged by video (previously some of them were combined)

  • Removed erroneous tags for everything

  • “AnKing update” tag with the following subtags:

    • Duplicate cards tagged in lolnotacop/zanki pharm (By duplicate, I mean cards that covered the same topic and thus aren’t needed)

    • Tagged pharm “extra” cards - These are cards from sketchy pharm that cover the same ideas covered in cards from the sketchy micro videos

    • Tagged cards in the lolnotacop BnB stuff that are on topics not covered in the sketchy videos

    • ZankiAddtoLol cards are cards from Zanki pharm that are ideas NOT covered in lolnotacop cards

  • HEP antivirals (Ch 7) were not in lolnotacop, but are included in Zanki Pharm (they have the ZankiAddtoLol tag)

  • I moved the pictures to the top of the extras field (except syphilis chancres…. weird experience with that on a bus and decided it was for the best…)

  • I fixed a lot of spelling errors and changed some formatting

  • I removed just a few cloze deletions that were unnecessary (only a few)

  • I edited a few incorrect cards-I did most of this before deciding to start this project and thus they are not tagged (i.e. oral vancomycin is now first line for C. diff but the card said it was second line)

  • I didn't actually do the antineoplastic or neoplasia deck in lolnotacop, but I went through it quickly and it seemed very good. (just know that it may not be as perfect as the microbiology stuff)

  • I retagged many of Pathoma cards in Zanki by video. They are under a “Pathoma” tag. I also retagged the lolnotacop Ch. 3 Neoplasia deck by video. I recommend using the Zanki Neoplasia deck first and supplementing with the lolnotacop Ch. 3 Neoplasia.



  • I had a very kind anonymous user send me his/her tags for all of ZankiPharm. I've included them under the #ZankiToast tag. I will be confirming these tags and adding the FA/Full sketch images in future updates - I will move them to the #SketchyPharm-Zanki/lol tag when they are confirmed

  • This update includes 4 B&B biochemistry videos tagged. 



  • The tags are now arranged such that # is for resources (i.e. sketchy, BnB, pathoma), $ is for AnKing updates, and ^ are for expansion and extra tags that are unorganized (these show up at the bottom).

  • I had a very kind user send me his/her tags for all of ZankiPharm, Pathoma and what they had tagged of BnB. There are two versions of sketchy tags under the #zankipharm-dream and #zankipharm-toast tags. I will be confirming these tags and adding the FA/Full sketch images in future updates - I will move them to the #SketchyPharm-Zanki/lol tag when they are confirmed

  • The ZanKing project has been working on retagging Zanki cards by Boards and Beyond video. This update includes all the biochemistry videos and a few other sections totaling 25% of all BnB videos. If you would like to join the project please message me!

  • No more missing images



  • Totally customizable AnKingMed/Sketchy card types with explanations for what is customizable in the card styling 

    • Compatible with editable cloze fields during review. The Extra field is by default editable 

    • The countdown timer to help stay on pace is transparent until time expires and it can be toggled on/off. 

    • The tags are now clickable (i.e. clicking it will pull up all cards with that tag in the browser) if you download the Clickable tags v1.0 addon (these can be toggled on/off)



  • AnKingMaster note type- only one note type for all cards in order to simplify the update process

    • Still contains the customizability of the previous 3.2 update

  • Combines images and First Aid tags from UltraZanki! 

    • The UltraZanki merge was not 100% perfect, but we got most of it. 22k+ cards now have a First Aid tag and image associated with them. Many cards have other images and text from the UltraZanki deck that are now in the "Additional Resources" field

  • All Pathoma cards in Zanki are now tagged by video. They are under a “#Pathoma” tag. 

  • Retagged the lolnotacop Ch. 3 Neoplasia deck by video. 

    • I recommend using the Zanki Neoplasia deck first and supplementing with the lolnotacop Ch. 3 Neoplasia.


  • Two new tags: One for cards I have not done, another for cards I feel are temporary cards

    • $AnKingUpdates::#Lolnotacop::NotDoing 

    • $AnKingUpdates::#Zanki::NotDoing ​

    • $AnKingUpdates::Temporary

      • Many of these I only flagged one of the card's clozes, but when I add a tag it adds it to all cards within that note. These are just to help guide you in deciding what cards may not be necessary.​

  • All Zanki pharm images ported over from the pepper decks (may be minor updates in the future)

  • Some new/updated cards based on USMLE content guidelines (still working on it)

  • Zanki step 2 tag (about 2000 cards in the Zanki step 2 deck are from the step 1 deck)

  • A separate version that has all tags under an “AnKing” head tag (converted decks to tags)

  • Incorporated sketchy path tags and images that have been posted

  • Pixorize tags and images as posted

  • More boards and beyond tags (>50% finished!). See progress here

  • TONS of grammar and other content edits (tagged with $RedditErrata if it was a content issue or from the reddit errata page. Spelling/grammar was not tagged)

  • Card style made to be mobile compatible with image style editor add-on

  • Card style made so Amboss add-on is customizable

  • Many requests, so a styling section for a MedShamim style card type provided


  • Deck version and instructions now listed in the deck description

  • Zanki pharm no longer has subdecks and there are no longer tags for the original deck structure. Everything is organized by tags now (by resource and by organ system).

  • Fixed pathoma and other tags

  • 100% of B&B videos tagged

  • Made a LOT of changes based on submissions to the errata doc

    • If you have time, please look up content on that doc and leave comments for me so I know if they’re correct or not. There were a few people that helped and dramatically sped up this process for me.

  • Added FA2020 cards thanks to u/SleepyGary15

  • Added a more cards based on the USMLE content guidelines

  • Added a tag for cards with a formula

  • Added more Physeo and FA2020 tags.

  • Organized Costanzo tags thanks to u/Joshausha

  • Images were added from this FA2020 deck, Cheesy DorianZanki Step 2, this deck, this deck, this deck and this deck.

  • Card Styling:

    • Added code on card type that allows for zooming the bottom 4 fields with hover (if you don't like this, check the FAQ page)

    • Added code on the card type to make things work with the Resize Images in Editor add-on.

      • If you are using this add-on, set the config with this: ​"image-classes": ["resizer"]

    • Can turn off tags just in mobile now via the card styling

    • Moved big lists to the center, left justified and put an option in the card styling to have them center justified

    • Added to code in the Customizable section to move the tags up for compatibility with the 'No Distractions' add-on



  • 1000+ content and spelling changes made. Any significant content changes were tagged with #AK_Step1::$AnKingUpdates::$Errata::v7

  • Deleted clozes from some cards so you will need to empty notes after updating

  • All tags are now comprehensive and cover everything necessary for organization. Use filtered decks if needed to break things up (see our video on the V2 scheduler and Custom filtered decks)

  • The Step 1 deck now has a !FLAG_THESE_CARDS tag with subtags. All tags are explained in the deck description. I would strongly recommend flagging these cards so that you can significantly decrease your card load, however I would not delete them because you may find it helpful to learn the same concept in a different context.

  • Sketchy/First Aid Pharm headers were removed from the Text field and placed in their respective fields

  • Fixed a ton of cloze hints for proper formatting (i.e. changed {{c1::this}} (this or that) to {{c1::this::this or that}})

  • All of Sketchy path tagged. More tags for pixorize, physeo, osmosis and first aid.

    • The creators of Physeo have reached out to us and are planning on updating the entire deck with physeo tags and images in the near future​

  • Created a #Costanzo tag to match the formatting of all other tags

  • Began a project to add "High/low yield" tags to everything and some of these are included

  • Images were added from sketchy path and pixorize contributions (images were sent from those that did the updates to u/pineapples9 and we do not have any of these)

  • Card Styling:

    • The tags are starting to get dense and lots of content is being added to fields. This video explains how to customize the card styling including showing/hiding the tags and making fields appear closer the top/bottom and how to make fields appear automatically.

    • Added code to the back template from this reddit post so that you can highlight words and then tap "W" to pull up a wikipedia popup

    • Changed the image zoom on hover on the last 4 fields to image zoom on click (had many requests for this)

    • Added a change to the note type so that the cards don't fade in between every review (makes card switching faster)

    • AMBOSS underline code removed as changing colors is now supported directly within the AMBOSS Add-on



  • Under the direction of the founder of Physeo, Physeo tags and images have been added for most of the Physeo videos (more to come soon).  The images are only available through a paid Physeo subscription. Use our Physeo discount code when you sign up!

  • Thanks to u/blueskies2101 who went through and made sure EVERY. CARD. in the deck has a First Aid tag. 

  • 300+ cards were updated with skin disorders on skin of color as shared in this post. These are all tagged with ^SkinOfColor. HUGE thank you to u/environmental_box_47 for this great update. 

  • 26 new cards added for micro based on Physeo videos.

  • UWorld Question ID #'s added as tags to 1000+ step 1 cards

  • Most of the micro FA images were updated for FA2020

  • Weird formatting on sketchy images fixed (thanks to u/amazeum for the regex code to do this)

  • Multiple image fixes, more formula tags and additional duplicate tags (thanks to multiple people)

  • Some errata updates. (There were not a lot of errata updates made in this update due to lack of time. We are hoping that our collaboration software that we're working on will solve this issue in the future)

  • Offensive images and text were removed. If you find others, please let us know.

  • Card Styling:

    • Added code for the clickable tags to toggle them on or off with the "c" key. They will by default show or not show depending on your settings in the "styling" control, but during review you can click the card field and then tap "c" to toggle them on or off.